Your donation to the Mustang Heritage Foundation (a IRS 501 (c)(3) public, charitable, nonprofit organization) helps fund a variety of important program initiatives that make a marked difference in the lives of thousands of mustangs, including:

Increase Gentling and Training Programs

Support gentling and training programs like the Trainer Incentive Program and Mustang Makeover Events so that more mustangs are readily adopted. The Mustang Heritage Foundation placed more than 140 Mustangs in the first year of this great program. Help trainers to gentle and train Mustangs and find them good homes!

Donating to the wild American Mustang will help financially ensure the continuity of the Foundation's Trainer Incentive Program and competitions such as the Extreme Mustang Makeover. These programs and events match a Foundation approved equine trainer to one of the Mustangs kept in short-term holding facilities so the Mustang can receive training and become more adoptable.

The Foundation has a 100% adoption rate for the nearly 1,000 wild American Mustangs that have participated in its programs or competed in its events.

Support Awareness through Education

Increase public awareness through education and outreach programs developed by the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Outreach includes marketing collateral and educational material for youth.

If you donate to the wild American Mustang, you will increase public awareness and education of their existence and the survival tribulations they are facing. Funds will go towards marketing and educational materials that the Mustang Heritage Foundation will use for public outreach.


Adoption Assistance Cards

The Foundation will use your contribution to create Adoption Assistance Cards to be used as credit at BLM and Foundation adoption events. Adoption Assistance Cards will have no more than a $50 value for application to BLM adoption fees only.

Adoption Assistance Cards will encourage adopters by offsetting a small part of adoption fee so they can apply those savings to gas or feed!

Fund Training Scholarship for Young Trainers and Young Mustangs

Support Foundation programs that provide training scholarships to youth and their families willing to train young mustangs. Funds received from donations to this group of wild American Mustang yearlings will go toward financial aid and scholarships for the youth of America who choose to train an American Mustang yearling as a 4-H or FFA project.

At the conclusion of these projects, the youth involved have the choice to adopt the yearling they worked with or place it up for adoption by the public.

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