Every Nickel Counts!

Give your support to the American Mustang and become a member of The Mustang Nation by making a one-time donation of the amount of your choosing. Whether you are able to donate $5 or $5,000, every nickel counts when finding homes for Mustangs.

Donate Now:

Donation Ideas:

  • Have a fundraiser with your sports team, local organization or club, or business to benefit the wild American Mustang
  • Encourage your children to embrace the concept of tithing (donating 10% of income to a charitable cause) by saving a portion of their allowance
  • Spread the word about your donation and encourage others to donate by putting your social network to work and shouting your support for mustangs from the rooftops of your web site, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace pages.
  • Encourage your company's charitable support of the Mustang Heritage Foundation (a IRS 501 (c)(3) public, charitable, nonprofit organization) by supporting a challenge grant fund drive where you match your employees' contributions to the mustang cause.

Donation Benefits:

  • Teach your children or grandchildren learn important life lessons
  • Impact the environement by controlling the population of wild Mustangs and supporting the conservation of the use of our current natural resources.
  • Alleviate the tax burden on all Americans by shifting responsibility, funding and accountability of Mustangs into the private sector.
  • Educate tomorrow's leaders on the plight of the American Mustang as you lend a hand in supporting public awareness through the education of children
  • More Mustangs will be able to adopted and the burden on goverment holding facilities and range environments will decrease, therefore improving the quality of life for thousands of mustangs across the country.
  • Make charitable donations with the ability to create a tax write-off.


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